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Messenger Service

SPRINT:  This is what puts Executive Express above the rest. Your package is picked up immediately, and taken directly to its destination, with no other stops, by a radio-dispatched driver.

SPECIAL:  Your package is picked up and delivered within three hours.

STANDARD:  Your package is picked up and delivered within five hours.

OVERNIGHT:  If your package is ready for pick-up prior to 5:00 p.m., it will be delivered anywhere within Southern California by 12 noon the following business day.


WEIGHT:  All parcels weighing over 10 pounds will be charged an additional 15 cents per pound, inclusive of the first 10 pounds. 

WAITING TIME:  Ten minutes allowed at no charge. After 10 minutes, time starts retroactive at $45.00 per hour. 

AFTERHOURS:  Pick-ups and deliveries made outside of normal business hours and on holidays, will be subject to an additional charge. (Ask Customer Service Operator for specific rates.)


Attorney Service

Executive Express, Inc. is proud to announce the formation of new division to better serve our existing and prospective legal accounts. We have added a Legal Support Service Division(attorney service). The division is specifically dedicated to handling your court work and service of process. We offer over 20 years of experience in the legal support field and our trained staff is prepared to handle all of your service requests.

Our legal Support Service's division is offering a complete packages of services, from our basic retainer agreement to a plan specifically tailored to meet the particular needs of your firm. Some of the services offered include court filings, service of process; locally, statewide and nationwide, skip trace, asset searches, mobile photocopy, and bank levies. We offer daily call backs on all services attempts by 10:30am and status reports on your court filings upon request

If you have been happy with the service you have received in the past from Executive Express , or if your present service isn't giving you the service you deserve, you will be overwhelmed by the service offered by our newest division.

For more information call Yolanda at 1.800.540.0600 Legal Support Coordinator

Same Day Freight 

Executive Express is also a full service same-day freight courier. Whether you ship 10 pounds or heavy freight up to 10,000 pounds anywhere in California, we will meet all of your requirements. Executive Express offers the quickest, most dependable transportation of your time-sensitive parcels.

Mail Services

Executive Express will pick up your daily mail from the Post Office and deliver it to your office each morning. This will enable you to increase your employee productivity, as your checks, orders, and time-sensitive correspondences will be processed earlier in the day.